Blooming Grove Cemetery

Established 1856

The Blooming Grove Cemetery is located directly to the east of La Follete High School on Pflaum Road in Madison and has been in existence for over 150 years. Currently there are over 300 spaces in the cemetery available for purchase, and it's cared for by the Public Works Staff while being administered by the office staff.  If you have questions about what spaces are available for purchase, please contact the Town Office at 608-223-1104.  The cost of purchasing one space is $600, or $400 for Town residents.

Under the "Community" tab above, you can access "Burial Information".  There you'll find detailed lists of who is buried and where, who owns spaces in the cemetery, and a map showing where specific spaces are located in the cemetery.

Decorations are removed each April 1 and October 1, and are not returned. Any headstones or monuments should be places on your space(s) only and allow for enough room to weed whack and mow.  If you have questions regarding the cemetery, or where to place a monument, please contact either the Town Office at 608-223-1104 or Public Works at 608-575-2369.