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Selected Town Board Minutes
Town Board Meeting
Jul 12, 2017

Blooming Grove Town Board Meeting Minutes for July 12, 2017


Chair Johnson called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.  Other Town Board members in attendance were Supervisor Berg, Supervisor Bristol, Supervisor Linzmeier and Supervisor Young.  Also in attendance were Clerk/Treasurer/Administrator Mike Wolf, Public Works Supervisor Cory Buske, Liz Stevens, Mike Meyers, Julie Didier and Deborah Sellers.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.  Chair Johnson asked if the meeting notice had been properly posted, and Mike Wolf said it had been.

2a.  Red Cross & City of Madison Fire Department’s Smoke Alarm Distribution:  Julie Didier of the Red Cross presented information about this one-day event.  The Red Cross will install up to three new smoke alarms in each private residence in Blooming Grove.  This event will take place on October 7.  Letters will be sent to homeowners to give them an opportunity to participate.  There is no cost to homeowners, nor to the Town.  She said they will have about 200 volunteers lined up to install the alarms.

Logistics are being coordinated by Julie, in cooperation with the City of Madison Fire Department and the Town of Blooming Grove Administrator.

2b.  Rezone and CUP Request at 3424 Lake Farm Road:  Supervisor Bristol reported the Public Hearing for this rezone took place at the Plan Commission meeting earlier this same evening.  He said the City of Madison had recommended a deed restriction on one of the parcels, but otherwise nobody was in attendance to provide feedback at the hearing.  The Plan Commission then unanimously recommended approval of the rezone and conditional use permit, with the same deed restriction as the City of Madison proposed.

Supervisor Bristol made a motion to approve the rezone at 3424 Lake Farm Road from A-2 to A-4, A-2(4), and LC-1 with a Conditional Use Permit for a single family residence – with a stipulation that lot 3 shall be deed restricted to allow only contractor businesses, transportation businesses, building trade businesses and landscaping operations.  Supervisor Young seconded the motion and it passed 5-0.

2c.  Hotel Room Taxes:  Town attorney Liz Stevens gave a brief summary of the challenges the Town has in adhering to the applicable state statutes.  She said that, after talking with State Department of Revenue personnel and legislators, she believes the best course of action for the Town is to establish a tourism commission that will then contract with an appropriate entity that can accept hotel tax revenue beyond the state-imposed revenue cap.  She said this entity may end up being either the Historical Blooming Grove Historic Society, or the Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Supervisor Young made a motion to instruct the town’s attorney to draft an ordinance to establish a tourism commission and to explore options for entities with which the commission could establish an applicable agreement for accepting and spending room tax revenue.  The motion was seconded by Supervisor Bristol and it passed 5-0.

2d.  Second Quarter Treasurer’s Report:  Mike Wolf reported that overall the Town is in good financial standing through the first half of the year.  He pointed out that office staff expenses are well under budget, which will make up for the fact the legal expenses are over budget.

2e.  Crosswalk Signage at the corner of Siggelkow and Carncross / Black Walnut:  Mike Meyers was in attendance, and his letter of concern was shared with the Town Board.  Mike said he also sent this letter to the Village of McFarland (because this is a shared road), and that the Village’s safety committee was taking up this same topic at their meeting – which so happens is at the exact same time as this Town Board meeting.

Supervisor Young pointed out the McFarland School District busses students from north of Siggelkow Road to the schools, which are on the south side of the road.  The District does this free of charge because the crossing of Siggelkow Road is considered a substantive risk for school children.

The Board was in support of further investigating the possibility of signage at this intersection to make it safer for pedestrians to cross.  Mike Wolf will work with Cory Buske, and the Village of McFarland, to explore alternatives.

3a.  Approval of Minutes of the June 28, 2017 Town Board Meeting:  Supervisor Young made a motion to approve the June 28, 2017 Town Board meeting minutes as presented.  Supervisor Linzmeier seconded the motion and it passed 4-0, with Supervisor Bristol abstaining.

3b.  Approval of Vouchers:  Supervisor Bristol made a motion to approve the vouchers as presented.  Supervisor Young seconded the motion and it passed 5-0.

4.  Public Comment:  Deborah Sellers suggested the Town have a public hearing on the ramifications of the phosphorous treatment facility that is going to be built on the Voit farm property… in particular because some people may have a concern about the impact of this operation on private wells.

5.  Adjournment:  Chair Johnson made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and it was seconded by Supervisor Young.  The motion passed 5-0 at 7:35pm.


Minutes written and submitted by

Michael J. Wolf, Clerk/Treasurer/Administrator

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