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Selected Town Board Minutes
Town Board Meeting
Jun 14, 2017

Blooming Grove Town Board Meeting Minutes for June 14, 2017


Chair Johnson called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.  Other Town Board members in attendance were Supervisor Berg, Supervisor Bristol, Supervisor Linzmeier and Supervisor Young.  Also in attendance were Clerk/Treasurer/Administrator Mike Wolf, Public Works Supervisor Cory Buske, Fire Chief Glenn Linzmeier, and Deborah Sellers.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.  Chair Johnson asked if the meeting notice had been properly posted, and Mike Wolf said it had been.

2a.  Rezone at 3424 Lake Farm Road:  Supervisor Bristol reported that there was a Public Hearing for this rezone at the Plan Commission meeting earlier this evening.  Two people spoke in opposition to the possibility of apartment buildings on the property.  The City of Madison had communicated with the Town, stating it was likely that Mr. Van Daalwyk would be submitting an amended rezone request which may eliminate the possibility of apartments. Due to the uncertainty of the project, the Plan Commission deferred any recommendation of the rezone request currently proposed.

Chair Johnson made a motion to defer this issue.  Supervisor Young seconded the motion, and it passed 5-0.

2b.  2017-18 Operator’s Licenses:  Chair Johnson made a motion to approve the 2017-18 Operator’s Licenses for John Polnow, Maria Kurolapnik, Heather Hunt, Fredy Vazquez, Diana Winslow, Antonio Mendoza, Marena Wheatley, Amanda Olson, LaShonda Garrett, Duarn Vue, and Jacob Aslakson.  Supervisor Linzmeier seconded the motion and it passed 5-0.

2c.  Replacement Roof for April Hill Shelter:  Supervisor Bristol said the Plan Commission reviewed this issue at their meeting earlier this same evening.  Three children had climbed up on the roof and tore some shingles off.  They were apprehended by a Deputy Sheriff.  It is anticipated that the Sheriff will work with Cory Buske and Mike Wolf to get restitution in the amount of $250 from each child or his family.

Because the roof is 20 years old, it makes more sense for the Town to replace it.  Cory Buske got several bids, and is recommending one at a total cost of $2150.  The Plan Commission voted unanimously to recommend to the Town Board the Town approve this expenditure.

Supervisor Bristol made a motion to approve the replacement of the April Hill shelter roof as recommended by staff, and to furthermore instruct staff to work with the Dane County Sheriff’s department to secure $750 from the three families.  Supervisor Young seconded the motion and it passed 5-0.

3a.  Approval of Minutes of the May 24, 2017 Town Board Meeting:  Supervisor Young made a motion to approve the May 24, 2017 Town Board meeting minutes as presented.  Supervisor Bristol seconded the motion and it passed 4-0, with Supervisor Linzmeier abstaining.

3b.  Approval of Vouchers:  Chair Johnson made a motion to approve the vouchers as presented.  Supervisor Young seconded the motion and it passed 5-0.

4.  Public Comment:  Deborah Sellers said she would prefer that community gardens not be placed anywhere in Thurber Park, as the City of Madison’s strategic neighborhood plan proposes.

Mike Wolf reported that Tom Voit had stopped into the office and said the City of Madison plans on condemning a portion (more or less the northern half) of the Voit farm.  Tom said he was told to expect a letter to that affect sometime in early fall of this year.  Mike said the City has the legal authority to do this.

Supervisor Berg said he and his wife have purchased a condo in the City of Madison, and that when he moves he will be resigning from the Town Board.  He said he would like to see his successor be from Rambling Acres, since he is currently the only representative from that neighborhood.  Supervisor Berg suggested that Dane County Deputy Sheriff Jeff Teuscher be considered for appointment when the time comes.

5.  Adjournment:  Supervisor Young made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and it was seconded by Chair Johnson.  The motion passed 5-0 at 6:45pm.


Minutes written and submitted by

Michael J. Wolf, Clerk/Treasurer/Administrator

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