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Yard Waste
Oct 23, 2017
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The Public Works Fleet in front of it's new home at the Blooming Grove Town Hall.

One of our most versatile machines, this John Deere Mower is also a snowblower.  In the summer, it can be seen mowing the parks, town hall, and cemetery while in the winter you'll see it snowblowing sidewalks and the town hall parking lot.

The oldest truck in our fleet is a 2006 Sterling Plowtruck.  She's an oldie but a goodie and can be seen salting and plowing the roads in the winter, and hauling in the summer.

The newest plow truck, a 2010 International serves the same purpose as the Sterling, and works just as hard.  Remember, when behind a plow truck, stay back two to three hundred feet!

The side of the new Plow Truck

Our newest Vehicle in the fleet is this 2011Chevy Pickup truck.  It works the hardest, and performs the most duties of all our vehicles.  Plowing, hauling the chipper and mowers,
and yard waste are just a few of it's responsibilities.  

The view from the back of the Public Works Bay.  
Both Plow Trucks are fueled and ready to go.